Yoko Yamaguchi

Yoko Yamaguchi

Yoko is largely influenced by her childhood in Japan. In her artwork, she enjoys incorporating the essence of the four seasons, scenic river, starry nights and abundant nature that surrounded her home. She finds working with clay very therapeutic and the perfect medium to shape out of her visualisation. She continues to create ceramics with various unique shapes and glazes that sparks joy.

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Out of stock Handsome Twins Handsome Twins
Yoko Yamaguchi

Handsome Twins

Out of stock per doppio per doppio
Yoko Yamaguchi

per doppio

Out of stock Whimsical Whimsical
Yoko Yamaguchi


Out of stock Lost in the Wood Lost in the Wood
Yoko Yamaguchi

Lost in the Wood

sakura obsession sakura obsession
Yoko Yamaguchi

sakura obsession

stormy stormy
Yoko Yamaguchi


cat's eye cat's eye
Yoko Yamaguchi

cat's eye

two in one two in one
Yoko Yamaguchi

two in one

Arabian Nights Arabian Nights
Yoko Yamaguchi

Arabian Nights

Oasis Oasis
Yoko Yamaguchi


羽織 羽織
Yoko Yamaguchi